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ASCI    ———–  Advanced Strategic Computing Intiative

ASCII  ———–   American Standard Code for Information

ATA      ———-   Air Time Authority/  Allen Telescope Array

ATC     ———-     Air Traffic Controller

APPLE ———      Ariance Passenger Payload Experiment

APPU ———-     Asian Pacific Postal Union

ARC ————     Asset Reconstruction Company

ARDR ———-     Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief

ASAT  ———        Anti – Satellite Weapon

AIIMS ——–        All India Institute of Medical Sciences

BCG –———      Bacillus Calmette Guerin – Anti Tuberculosis Vaccine

BICP ——–           Bureau Of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction

BIOS ——-             Basic Input Output System

BKU ——-              Bharatiya Kissan Union

BMD ——              Ballistic Missile Defence System

BOLT —–              BSE On-Line Trading (System)

BOSS —–             Bharat Operating System Solutions

BPO  ——           Business Process Outsourcing

BPR ——            Bottom Pressure Records


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