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Career in Banking , Career Options in Banking Sector

career guidance
career guidance

Banks are deemed as a foundation for every nation, especially for the developing countries such as India etc…During these present times we frequently came across bank portals/jobs on many occasions. So now you are at the right place and it’s time for you to read and get on to it. Now a day’s banks are providing countless number of job portals for the youth.

Banking is a good career option from several possibilities!!Why?

Who don’t love money? It is not an easy task to get employed particularly in developing countries like india.coming to the jobs section; these platforms (sectors) are mentioned under two categories.

1) Public sector (upholder by government that means our public representatives look after these)

2) Private sector (upholder by particular persons that mean companies of firms/individuals)

It is a dream to every youth to work under public sector why because is:

ü  Compensation for government jobs is better

ü  Free transport, money after retirement ,extra paying on special; days, bonus on festival days are some of the inbuilt facilities of a government job

ü  Good environment to work perfectly

ü  Moreover a government employee is respected everywhere

ü  He is free from pressures ,tensions when compared to other jobs

ü  No authority pressures

So I hope you have got an idea about uses of getting a government job. Banking is also a job which is notified under public sector. So, I suggest you to prefer banking as one of the better career option.

There are many jobs under public sector!!Why should you prefer banking at first place?

Yeah! There are many categories of jobs related to (or) under public sector. Remember a thing “the number of jobs is always less than the number of people”. This is the well known strategy in the developing countries. So here is a tough fight between talents for every single job.

Coming to the point, now a day’s banks are offering a lot of job notifications for several posts when compared to other sectors. Why because are banks playing an important role in countries economy and this is the reason for many banks are appearing in rural areas and they need employees. So I suggest you to opt banking as your first choice to set yourself quickly in no time.

About bank posts/jobs:

Are you completely new here then just move behind our words. The following are the types of bank posts and qualifications you needed which are generally notified frequently

career in banking
career in banking

Name of the post

PO (probationary officer)à it is the entry level post which is the base to climb up to general managers and chairman positions


  • Persons should be registered for IBPSPO exams
  • Should have 60% of aggregate in degree
  • Age group should be between 20-28
  • The age limit for OBC/SC/ST/EX-SERVICE MEN is extended and people of the age 30, 33, 40 are allowed to apply.

Package: rs.30000 for newly appointed PO and they will be sent to the training for 2 years of period. If the bank was satisfied with his/her work the position will be boosted to high level with in 2 years.

Bank clerks àit is one of the good job under banking which does not need much qualifications


  • He should take part in IBPS clerk  examination
  • No need of much percentage is required. Decent degree with computer knowledge is enough
  • Age limitations is same with PO

Package: he/she can earn up to rs.14500-15500 per month. Increment is salaries is in general

Specialist officers for various

Departments (marketing, human resources etcà  

As we already mention bank recruits specialist officers on behalf of the related departments. All should be register to IBPSCWE exams these posts are spitted into two categeories.they are

1)      Category 1: age limit is between 20-30 years

Salary: rs.24000-30000

2)      Category 2: age limit is between 20-30 years

Salary: 34000-40000

NOTE: any person who is going to apply should submit a copy of certificate of their computer literacy

Needed qualification for the job as per position:

CA: a qualified CA is only allowed here

IT officer: anyone who completes engineering/pG under any branch is allowed to apply

Two years of experience is needed for the category 2

Agricultural field officer: he must need a discipline degree certificate of 4 years under agriculture/horticulture and related subjects.

Law officer: he must have a BL degree and should be listed as a lawyer with bar council.

Category 2 persons needed 3 years of experience with bar services.

Personal officer/HR: just a PG degree diploma is required in personal management, labor law and related industrial relations.

Marketing officer:

Graduate with MBA in marketing is enough/PGDBM/PGDBA with marketing skills

Credit manager: a discipline graduation/CWA/CFA or full time MBA/Full time PGDPM with Finance skills is needed

Important: particular persons who straight –out through IBPS and CWE need not to apply for the entry tests for PO, clerk, and special officer posts.

Our words: if you want to apply for a bank Jobs please notify the notifications around you carefully.

career guidance
career guidance



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