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India Post Sukanyasamriddhiyojana Scheme Details

India Post Sukanyasamriddhiyojana Scheme Details

This article is about a new scheme for the girls provided by the Indian government recently. The main purpose of this scheme is to equal the educational ratio of both genders. Government of India already launched many schemes for the girl`s education and protection. Some of them are Betibachao– Betipadhaoabhiyaan to change the mindset of the uneducated girls. Now a bill had been introduced in the parliament about “sukanyasamriddhiyojana” as a part of above stated scheme. Get the brief details about the scheme here.


Sukanya samruddhi yojana account for girls
Sukanya samruddhi yojana account for girls

Provider of this scheme: Indian central government

Name of the scheme: Sukanyasamriddhiyojana

Other related names for the scheme:Sukanyasamriddhi saving account(SSA)/special deposit scheme for the girls

Only available for: Girls

Motto of this scheme: To make women educated and to give financial support to the poor girl students.

Who are requested to apply for this scheme?       

Girls are eligible to apply for this scheme and their respective guardian or parents are allowed to open an account on the girl`s name.

Who can apply for this?

Girls who are below 10 yearsare eligible to apply. The girl should not exceed more than 10 years at the time of account opening and is as per SB order no.2/2015.

The girl who is born on or after 02-01-2003 have one year of age relaxation.

Required documents for this scheme?    

-birth certificate of that girl child

-identity and address proof of the respective guardian

Features of this scheme:

-she should deposit thousand rupees initially into her account

-Multiples the deposit of rs.100 and maximum of rs.1000 in a financial year

-Her contribution into the account is allowed upto 14 years from the date of account opening

-There is no limit for particular number of deposits per month/year

-There should be no deposit from 15-21 years (income tax rebate)

-After the girl reaches 18 years she can withdraw 50% of money from her account may be for education or marrige

-Minimum amount of Rs.1000 should be deposited for every year otherwise the account will be closed and can be continued after paying rs.50 fine/year.

-The account will be automatically closed after she completes her 21 years of age

-if account is not disclosed after her maturity her balance will continue to earn interest as per scheme-normal closer is applied after completion of 18 years/girl is married

-rate of interest paid will be 9.1% per annum

About tax benefits:

The contribution up to 1.5 lakh towards SSY is eligible for tax deduction as per section 80C of income tax act, 1961.

About maturity:

The account will be closed at her 21 years of age from the date of account opened. If the account is opened when the girl is born with a yearly investment if rs.12000 will be rs.6,07,128 and rs.1,50,000 for 14 years and will be rs.7200000






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