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Parts Of Speech With Definitions and Examples

Parts Of Speech With Definitions and Examples are given below to Learn  Basic English easily

Definition : Words are divided into 8 kinds according to their functions are called Parts of Speech.

Lets have a look at them … They are…

  1. NOUN
  3. VERB

Lets see the definitions of each Parts of Speech one by one.

  1. NOUN : A Noun is a word. It indicates the names of persons, things, places, birds and animals.

Here are some examples..Underlined Words are Nouns…

  1. Tulasi is an American
  2. He likes to travel by Aeroplane.
  3. The Parrot is a beautiful bird.

2.     PRONOUN : Pronoun is a word. It is used in the place of noun (or) The word which is used instead of noun is called pronoun.

Here are some examples..Underlined Words are PRONOUNS

  1. They are my Friends.
  2. He is my Friend
  3. I am a Teacher

3.   VERB :    Verb is a word. It shows the action of a subject. The word which shows the action of a subject is called verb.

  1. He is watching T.V.
  2. They went to Macherla yesterday
  3. She has taken coffee.

4.  ADJECTIVE :  Adjective is a word. It is used to indicate the quality, quantity and colour of a noun.

  1. I married a beautiful lady.
  2. We have a White car.
  3. There are Hundred Teachers

5.   ADVERB :  Adverb is a word. It is used to increase the meaning of a verb, adjective or another adverb

  1. Priyanka speaks nicely
  2. She writes very slowly.
  3. Pavani is very good girl.

Note: Words that end with ‘ ly ‘ or ‘ lly ‘are known as Adverbs

6.   PREPOSITON : Prepositons is a word. It is uded before a noun or pronoun to show its position or relation with other word or words in the             sentence. Prepositon tells us about  the position of the subject in a sentence.

  1. My mobile is on the table.
  2. They come to college by bus.
  3. Sony looks at me.

7.   CONJUNCTION :  Conjunction is a word. It joins one word to another word or on e sentence to another sentence (or) Conjunctions join words or Sentences

  1. Pallavi and Abhinav are busy now.
  2. She takes coffee or tea.
  3. I requested the principal but he did not give leave.

In the above sentence ‘ and’ and ‘or ‘ ‘but’ joins two sentences.

8. INTERJECTION : Interjection is a word used to express a sudden or emotional feeling (or) interjection expresses sudden feelings

  1. Oh !
  2. Ah!
  3. Alas!
  4. Hurrah!
  5. Wow!

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