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How to Prepare Bank Interviews

How to Prepare Bank Interviews

What is a pre-interview?

The practices which we held on the before day of the interview are pre interview practices and here are some of them.

1) First of all go through the bank job portal carefully and here is the list of official websites of the Indian banks

Click here to get the official sites of various banks

2) Note the venue and time of the interview (this is most important step)

3) It is better to check the venue of the bank a day before interview that is to check the bank environment and the venue exactly. It helps you to be exact at the venue on that particular day

4) Get ready with your required resumes on the before day itself

5) Don’t hesitate to take help of your local friends which saves you a lot of time

These are the some basic interview tips to attend a bank interview

2) Things to be kept in mind while facing an interview:

Remember first impression is the best impression and you may not gifted with that again and again

For male:

Do these:

1)      Maintain clean hair cut as you are going to be a professional

2)      Don’t go for different hairstyles which are trending out, just be simple and handsome with your formal hair style

3)      Light colour ironed clothes with collars with suits for you are suggested to wear

4)      Shoes of normal type are suggested for the candidates

5)      Always wear an undershirt beneath which covers your sweat

6)      The feel of confidence should be represnted by the body posture

7)      Shaking hands with persons along with warm wishes is suggested

Avoid these:

1) Avoid jeans wearings

2) Don’t follow the others styles as you have to follow your own style

3) Avoid the collar less shirts and T-shirts

4) Don’t wear sports shoe or some running shoe

5) Avoid hurry which causes you the tension in the mind

6) Avoid smoking (important)

For women:

Do these:

1) It is good to wear a salwar or saree which covers you completely as you are attendind a government interview

2) Light colour sarees which are ironed are suggested to wear or if you had an idea about your style then any of your wearings should be under to your kneeks (important)

3) Maintain your own hairstyle which is well combbed

3) Carring a hand bag along with you will be a good looking one

4) Simple jewellery is enough

5) Simple earrings and light coloured nail polishes are suggested


1)      Although you Amy be a modren dress lover, keep it distance on the day of inetrview as it is a government job that may have 50+ yearsof ages

2)      Avoid designed hand bags which looks ugly and large

3)      Nail polish is not suggestable to all as it suits for only a few

4)      Avoid glittering hair reqirements

5)      Too much jewellery is not needed

6)      Avoding Bangles and earrings may be better a few

For both (men and women):


1) Light coloured ironed clothes are preferred for both

2) Trimmed finger nails

3) Its better to avoid heavy perfumes, simple perfumes which are pleasant are suggested

4) No need to look rich by suits etc… If there are tis also fine


3) What should I prepare before attending a bank interview?

Here is the list of basic options to be get prepared for an banking interview

1) Details of the state (your state). Basics are considered well

2) You should the complete details of the job providre

3) Your academic and family details

4) Finance basics (exchange bills, bank regulations, cut motion, SLR, money landering, CRR)

5) General topics of our country that is about the planning commission, election commissions etc

6) Inflations and current economic position of the country and your ideas to improve the current economic position

7) Grip over political updates is necessary

8) Prepare the subjects which are required for your qualification

Important: don’t forget to read every part of the newspaper from before a week

4)basic questions in bank interviews?

1)      Where are you from?

2)      About hometown?

3)      About your family

4)      Are you ready to work any whre under us?

5)      Your ambition

6)      Reason for choosing banking as a career option

7)      Reason for applying for this post

8)      How did you prepare for the inetrview

9)      Which subjects did you refer?

10)   Your strength and weakness?

11)   Your banking details?

12)   What is basel 2 and its importance?

13)   What details are needed to handle bank transations?

14)   What is international trade?

15)   Reason for applying for this post?

16)   Did you go through our official website?

17)   Your experience in bank interviews?

18)   Your feedback on our official website?

19)   What do you think are you eligible for this job?

20)   Why did you choose banking apart from your related jobs?

Questions related to country finance are suggested

Bank exams interviews
Bank exams interviews


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