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TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)


About TOEFL: TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL is the abbreviated form of test of English as a foreign language and is conducted by ETS (electronic testing system). It is a standard test   conducted worldwide for the non-English speakers who wishing to study their further studies in USA.This is the language based test which is accepted by all the intuitions. Finally it a language based test to prove your language (English) and is necessary for further studies in USA.This test is conducted by USA and it is proved in many surveys that nearly 30+ million people all over the world appear for the exam. This explains the standard of the test. The following are complete details about the TOEFL test.

About the exam:

As I already mentioned that nearly 30+ million students are appeared, considering it announces large number of examination centers for the eligible candidates. So you can find a centre to complete your examination near to you. You can register for this from here in online by using your personal email (I prefer personal mail to get its recent news) as registration for this exam is available before 4 months of the examination as students of 150+ countries need to register

TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language:-

   Click here to register early

IMPORTANT: TOEFL SCORES ARE VALID FOR TWO YEARS FROOM THE DATE OF TEST. Who can apply for this test? 1) Students who are wishing to complete their higher studies in USA can apply for this test.

2) Workers and students who are willing to fly for USA can apply

3) Students who completed their 12th can appear for this test to complete their under graduate studies (engineering etc)

4) Students who have completed their under graduate and looking for graduation in USA can apply for this test

I am a TOEFL qualified candidate!!Who can (which institute) can accept me? Remember this test is strictly for visa requirements.

Nearly 8500 institutions in 130 countries accept your TOEFL result. The test scores also satisfy requirements during visa for Australia and United Kingdom.who accepts TOEFL Scores

Use of TOEFL scores: 1) We can check our language (skills) by appearing this test. 2) It may be used for professional certificate verification process 3) It is used to give out residential and visa requirements.

Test requirements: 1) The test is conducted for 120 marks which is divided into 4 sections 2) It is a completely internet based examination i.e. online test and the total duration of the test is 150 minutes. 3) There is no section of failures an qualifiers in this test, universities accepts the students request by considering the scores of this test

A small tip to get good TOEFL score: you should answer at least one question from reading, listening, writing and speaking sections


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