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About whatsapp Launches Desktop Browser 2015

About whatsapp app

whatsapp for pc
whatsapp for pc

WhatsApp Available at Desktop Browser Now @ 2015

Whatsapp one of the best messaging app growing rapidly out now. We all know that whatsapp was bought up by face book (king of social media).now it’s time to speak about the features of the whatsapp.

Why whatsapp is better than many messaging apps?

  1. it is a completely messaging platform
  2. it does not require any emails, login and logout every time
  3. it is free from groups , pages, newsfeed which are trending features in face book
  4. we can use it for personal uses as it requires others personal mobile numbers to chat on with them
  5. Images and videos with high quality can be shared between your friends in fraction of seconds.
  6. Moreover whatsapp is going to add a new feature that is free call option which is going to be live in some days.
  7. It is cannot be hacked easily

According to me, the following is the only disadvantage found in whatsapp till now

Whatsapp is only available for the Smartphone users, it does not have any official website to use it in browsers such as fb and so it is permitted for only the smart phone users. But, there are many tricks over Google that is to install some software’s like blue stacks which will run any android android application on personal computers. But managing android application through blue stacks on a PC is a bit technical and difficult task.

Say bye!! to all the similar software’s to use whatsapp on your browsers as whatsapp released an official notification that they released the new update through which we can access the whatsapp through browsers like chrome, Mozilla on our personal computers comfortably.

Browse whatsapp on your pc through chrome and Mozilla:

I think this is the thing for which the whatsapp lovers are waiting for. Finally the wait is over. Whatsapp officially launches the whatsapp web through which you can use whatsapp via browsers on your personal computers.

Is there any harm with this update to the smart phone users?

No, there ios no harm with this update to the smart phone users. But there is a small disadvantage to the IOS users as they can’t upgrade to this new version as per restricted IOS instructions. Apart from the IOS users everyone is happy with the new whatsapp update

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